Pick Up Your Feet

I try to keep an open-mind about people.   One thing that drives me crazy and tends to make me judge quickly is the sound of someone dragging his/her feet when walking.  Perhaps the person harbours an injury and cannot fully pick up his feet. Or maybe she has traipsed through snow and accumulated so much ice on the bottom of  her shoe that it’s physically difficult for her to manage the extra weight.  These could be legitimate reasons for that irritating sound but what I tend to think when I hear foot-scuffing  is one of 3 things: laziness, low self-esteem or disrespect; not sought-after qualities.

In my experience working for an Ontario college, I most commonly witness the foot-dragging with students in the halls as they make their way to class often with Blackberry’s in hand and paying no attention to who is around them.  They don’t seem to care where they are going, who is in their path and or even if they get there at all.  Like I said, I try to keep an open-mind about people but if this is what I am thinking, I guarantee there are others making the same assumptions. These others could be future in-laws, employers, business associates or life partners who dismiss the extremity-shuffling culprits without giving them the chance to make a case for themselves.

If you are one who doesn’t pick up your feet, you need to ask yourself if you feel you should be placed in the same category as the lazy, meek and/or disrespectful.  If not, why give yourself the opportunity to be misjudged?  Pick up your feet when you walk – walk with a purpose.  Hold your head up and show the world you know where you are going and how to get there.

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