Be the Change You Wish to See

Turn on the television and there is always a news story of devestation, terrorism, bullying and sadness to be heard.  Pick up the paper and if there is a story of despair, no doubt it will have the front page.  There is so much negativity and unpleasantries in the world and our society seems to feed off of it.  I’m constantly hearing snide remarks, complaints, racist comments or venting in my world and sometimes I wish I could just hit a mute button so I could escape this vortex of poison.   There are plenty of studies for sure on the effects of stress, trauma and negativity on the human specimen and just as much information about how shifting our perspective and intentionally looking for “the silver lining on every cloud” can improve quality of life and longevity.  So why aren’t we doing more as a society to promote positivity, happiness and civility?

That’s where I come in.  One of my favourite mantra’s is “Be the change you wish to see”.  So I’m going to do my part and practice what I preach.  I’m going to do my best to make this world a better place.  By making choices that take others feelings into consideration and taking into account the world around me I will aim to spread goodness and positivity .  I also set out to help others understand how they too can make their lives and ultmately everyone else’s, much more fulfilling by learning to be, look and act more civilly.  Hence, I’ve started this blog to get the word out and offer advice, comments and general information about this important topic.

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